School Break Camps

No school? Come to camp!


Register online or call 216-621-2400 (Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5:30 pm).

Registration is now open! Camps are $55 per child, $50 for members per day.

Fantastic Flyers
February 15

Boomerangs, airplanes, and rockets are all part of this high-flying day. Learn how to make boomerangs soar and planes loop-de-loop. Test different materials and designs to discover which will fly farther, longer and higher!

Call of the Wild
March 21 OR 28

Calling all zoologists and LEGO enthusiasts! We’re  learning all about animals and building them in their natural habitats. From the Antarctic to the jungles of South America, take a wild adventure and be back before dinner. Campers Kindergarten through third will use traditional LEGO blocks to build and campers fourth through eighth grade will use LEGO robotics.

Adventures with Einstein
March 22 OR 29

Albert Einstein is well known for his studies of light, energy and gravity. learn the basics as you catch and manipulate light, explore different types of energy and experiment with forces and motion. Crazy white hair not included.

March 23 OR 30

It's a "race against the clock" camp experience where you'll learn what it's like to be an ER doctor! Learn basic anatomy, experiment with body systems and even engineer a cast! Meet real medical professionals and ask them what it's like to make life-changing decisions.

Renewable Energy: The Green Scene
March 24 OR 31

Love our planet as your expand your interest in green power and renewable energy. Explore green energy options and experiment with solar, wind, fuel cell, and biomass technologies! Get a behind-the-scenes tour of how our famous wind turbine converts the earth's force into energy!

Gross Out!
April 1

Celebrate April Fool's Day in style! Belches, boogers and blisters.  Worms and insects.  Discover the biology and chemistry behind these and other disgusting stuff! Maybe even take some items home to fool your friends and family!



We're ACA Accredited!

Did you know? Our camp program officially earned accreditation from the American Camp Association! This means that we have met or exceeded more than 300 different standards related to safety, program operation, staff training and more. We are now the only Science Center day camp in the country that is ACA accredited!


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