Homeschool Workshops

workshops and programs for Homeschoolers

Our homeschool programs are designed for children who want a hands-on learning experience in a unique classroom setting. Parents are required to attend workshops with participants ages 6 - 8. Prices are per adult/child pair and include admission to Great Lakes Science Center.

Register online or call 216-621-2400 (Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5:30 pm).

Busted: Myth Meets Science
Thursday, March 19
10 am – noon (ages 6-8)
1 – 3 pm (ages 9 and up)

Explore key concepts of physics and chemistry in this action-packed workshop experience.  Does buttered bread always land butter-side down? Will eating Pop Rocks and soda really make your stomach explode? Put these and other myths to the test! Workshop includes admission to MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition. $40 ($25 members).

Maker: Fantastic Physical Phenomena
Thursday, April 23
10 am –  1 pm (ages 6-8)  
Noon – 3 pm (ages 9 and up)

Explore physical science through motion and energy transfer. Examine Great Lakes Science Center exhibits that relate to movement and energy, and then build your own jitter bug robot to take home.  Design your unique 'bot to move around, navigate a maze, and even battle other 'bots! Workshop includes a science demonstration at 12:15 pm. $30 ( $15 members).

Lake Erie Ecology and Invasive Species
Thursday, May 21
10 am –  1 pm (ages 6-8)  
Noon – 3 pm (ages 9 and up)

Learn about our local ecosystem through observing living organisms, examining the anatomy of two dissected specimens and tracking key indicators of water quality. Take home your very own Daphnia, a planktonic crustacean that plays a key role in balancing Lake Erie ecology, and learn about the invasive species that are changing the delicate balance of our Great Lake. Workshop includes tickets to view the OMNIMAX film, Mysteries of the Great Lakes. $30 ($15 members).