Homeschool Workshops

workshops and programs for Homeschoolers

Great Lakes Science Center’s popular homeschool workshops are designed to give children a fun and educational hands-on science experience in a unique classroom setting. Cost of registration covers all workshop supplies, instruction and admission to Great Lakes Science Center and NASA Glenn Visitor Center. A $10 general admission option is available for parents and for non-participant siblings as an add-on with any workshop. Parents are encouraged to attend workshops with participants ages 6 - 8.

Register online or call 216-621-2400 (Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5:30 pm). Homeschool programs sell out quickly, so register today! 

2014-2015 homeschool programs

October Programs - LEGO® and Chemistry Themes

LEGO® Brick Daredevil Zipline Challenge
Wednesday, October 15
10:30 am – Noon (Ages 6-8)

Let your imagination soar! Build wacky vehicles out of LEGO bricks and send your daredevil minifigure sailing down a zipline. Experiment to see which design elements make your vehicles go faster or slower. $15 ($10 members).

LEGO® NXT®: Intro to Robotics
Wednesday, October 15
1 pm - 2:30 pm (Ages 9 and up)

Experience robotics in a whole new way using LEGO NXT technology. Learn how to design, build, program and test a robot to navigate an obstacle course. Will yours be the top ‘bot? $15 ($10 members).

Crazy Chemical Reactions
Wednesday, October 29
10:30 am – Noon (Ages 6-8)
1 pm - 2:30 pm (Ages 9 and up)

Every day we depend on chemistry to make our lives easier, but what are chemicals and how do we use them? Explore the concept of chemical reactions and changes that involve heat, gas, light, liquids and solids. $15 ($10 members).

November Programs - Mars Exploration

LEGO® Workshop: Living on Mars
Two-part series: Wednesday, November 12 and 19
10 am – Noon (Ages 6-8)

Explore the NASA Glenn Visitor Center and learn what it really takes to survive in space. Work in a small team to design your own LEGO® space colony where astronauts can live, work and play. Learn about Curiosity, the Mars rover, and design a rover that can explore Mars beyond the borders of your LEGO® space colony. $35 for two-part series ($25 members).

LEGO® NXT® Design Challenge: Mars Explorer
Two-part series: Wednesday, November 12 and 19
1 pm - 3 pm (Ages 9 and up)

Learn about Curiosity, the Mars rover, and design, build, program, test and modify your LEGO NXT rover to complete a series of tasks key to exploring the Martian environment. Think about form and function while also balancing a supplies “budget” for your project. $35 for two-part series ($25 members).

December Programs – Maker Workshops

NEW! Maker: Circuits and Soldering
Wednesday, December 3
10:30 am – Noon (Ages 6-8)
1 pm - 2:30 pm (Ages 9 and up)

Learn about conductors, insulators, and circuits. Compare and experiment with different types of circuits, and then try your hand at soldering to create your very own light-up pin. Discuss concepts of energy transfer and electrical energy. $15 ($10 members).

NEW! Maker: From 2D to 3D
Wednesday, December 17
10:30am – Noon (Ages 6-8)
1 pm - 2:30pm (Ages 9 and up)   

Designing and making can happen in all directions! Experiment with transforming 2D shapes into 3D structures, while putting concepts of geometry and math to use. $15 ($10 members).

January Programs – Engineering Design Challenges

NEW! Engineering Structures: Buildings
Wednesday, January 14
10:30 am – Noon (Ages 6-8)

Build a structure using everyday materials and test to see how sturdy it is! Look at examples of architectural structures from history and then put your observations to use. Can you build the tallest skyscraper? $15 ($10 members).

NEW! Engineering Structures: Bridges
Wednesday, January 14
1 pm - 2:30 pm (Ages 9 and up)

Suspension bridge? Arch bridge? How about a cantilever bridge? Learn about different types of bridges and design a bridge of your own on a tight budget! Whose bridge is the strongest? $15 ($10 members).

NEW! Engineering Vehicles: Balloon Cars
Wednesday, January 28
10:30 am – Noon (Ages 6-8)

Using limited materials, design, build and test balloon cars in preparation for the race of a lifetime. Use images of cars through history to inform your design approach. $15 ($10 members).

NEW! Engineering Vehicles: Pop Pop Boats
Wednesday, January 28
1 pm – 3 pm (Ages 9 and up)

Investigate the 1705 invention of the steam engine and apply this technology to your own vehicle. Learn about the engineering design process and put it to use in designing your own steam-powered, kitchen-sink-worthy vessel! $15 ($10 members).

February Programs – The Heart of It All

Mini-Med: Sheep Heart Dissection and Cardiovascular Anatomy
Wednesday, February 11
10:30 am – Noon (Ages 6-8)
1 pm – 2:30 pm (Ages 9 and up)

This year for Valentine’s Day…Explore a sheep’s most important muscle - the heart! Learn about the inner workings of a sheep’s heart and how it compares to a human heart. Become a cardiovascular anatomy whiz! $20 ($15 members).

Mini-Med: Future Doctor
Wednesday, February 25
10:30 am – Noon (Ages 6-8)
1 pm - 2:30 pm (Ages 9 and up)

Ever wonder what a doctor is learning about your health when you go in for a check-up? Learn how to listen to a heartbeat, take a pulse and measure blood pressure. $15 ($10 members).