Special Exhibitions

Limited Engagement Exhibitions

See special exhibitions on loan from major institutions worldwide. Explore topics such as science, technology, engineering, math and more. But hurry, these exhibitions are on view at Great Lakes Science Center for a limited time only.


Design Zone
October 1 2016 - January 2, 2017

 Design Zone

What does it take to create a blockbuster video game? How many beats per minute does a DJ need to get bodies moving on the dance floor? What goes into creating a roller coaster or skate park to produce the most fun and biggest thrills? Discover how game developers, music producers, coaster designers and other creative problem solvers do what they do in Design Zone with hands-on activities that show how design concepts and math become real world experiences in the arts, entertainment and extreme sports.

Build It!
Coming February 2017

Build It Smaller

LEGOs iconic multi-colored bricks have been capturing the imaginations of kids of all ages around the world for decades. Build It! brings the love of LEGOs to life-sized proportions and encourages creativity and free play through the endless possibilities represented by the popular bricks.