Science Phenomena

See, Touch, Explore

Have you ever wondered: How does that work? Why did it do that? What would happen if I changed it? These are the questions asked by scientists as they explore the world around us.

Here’s your chance to meet your inner scientist as you explore electricity and magnetism; light and optics; motion and mechanics; sound and resonance; and more. Form a tornado and watch it twist and twirl; take a virtual flight on the Sky Glider; and use your fingertips to make light dance under a plasma ball. Experiment with volume and frequency to make a theremin sing; use magnetic waves to propel a train; and test the speed of your fast-ball in our pitching cage.

Want more? Experience the phenomenon of photoluminescence in the Shadow Room; climb onto the Bridge of Fire and see your hair stand on end; and create your own cloud rings out of water vapor. Use magnets to change the behavior of a pendulum; experiment with an echo tube; and play with pulleys. More than 100 engaging hands-on experiences delight and amaze the scientist in each of us.