Polymer Funhouse

Fun for the LIttlest Scientists

Lots of stuff is made of polymers, so why not a fun house? Our Polymer Funhouse, for ages 7 and under, is a place for young scientists to climb, slide, bounce, build, hop and play with polymers. You’ll find polymers that are stretchy, slimy, squishy, slippery, sticky and bouncy! Surround yourself with thousands of colorful balls in the ever-popular ball pond; climb into the light house and experiment with lenses, a periscope and telescope; play with the gear wall; and have fun with costumes in our dress-up area.

Port Polymer

This outdoor play area, adjacent to the Polymer Funhouse, features a variety of hands-on water-themed exhibits. Climb aboard the Polymer II, a paddle-wheel steamship constructed mostly of recycled polymer-based materials, and have fun with the water wheel and balancing buckets. Play with water fountains and water turbines, go fishing for polymers and more. Port Polymer is open seasonally as the weather permits.